Benefits Of Green Tea

It would not be wrong to say that “Green tea is the healthiest beverage in the town”. It’s justified because of its contents like bunch of useful antioxidants and nutrients, which are eligible enough to create a fit and powerful body. We list the ten scientifically proven benefits of wonder beverage, “Green tea”.

1. Green tea and it’s  Bioactive Compounds

Green tea comes loaded with some bioactive compounds which injects large amounts of important nutrients.

2. Various Antioxidants

Polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins will work as super antioxidants for your body. 

3. Aging Gracefully

This is the best source of intriducing your toxic body to these substances as it eliminates any kind of birth of free radicals in the body, they safeguard your cells and molecules against cureless damage. The birth of these free radicals can accelerate the process of ageing. 

4. The Antioxidant EGCG.

Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is the powerful name of a powerful antioxidant thats present in the grewn tea in huge quantity.

It can cure several dangerous diseases and the medicinal qualities of green tea are attribute to this powerful antioxidant EGCG.

4. Minerals

You can also find various sorts of  minerals in it. Note: you must go for good quality green tea to exploit it’s benefits and take care of the fluoride content while buying, it should be least.

Green tea can multiply the speed of your brain, it’s regular use can make your brain function sharply than before. You need not rely on it just to keep you awake, it’s much more than that.Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee. The caffeine content is enough to keep you fresh and awake but it won’t harm the mental state in the long run which is a possibility if you are a coffee addict.Green tea comes packed with the best mix and amount of caffeine, this much of caffeine improves the functioning of the brain and makes it careful, keeps the mood calm, and multiplies the power to memorize.

7. Presence of Amino Acid “L-theanine”

This acid helps in crossing the blood brain barrier. It can significant increase the work of GABA, that’s the inhibitory neurotransmitter, the increased working of GABA means less of anxiety.

8. Combined presence of L-theanine and  Caffeine


Drinking green tea means binging on two important things together.They both amount to a wonder synergy, they can make your brain function at a greater speed than before.

9. Makes you productive

Only people who are willing to give up something to get something better, can drink green tea given its taste. Regular intake of  Green tea keeps you light on your feet and brain active all day long, you can expect yourselves to be productive and positive.   Green tea can burn down the accumulated fat easily. It can help you revive your metabolism, makes you slimmer by cutting the accumulated fats.Green tea is even effective at lowering the possibilities of various types of cancer.

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