Selena Gomez Diet Secrets

Selena Gomez Diet Secrets

Selena Marie Get famously known as Selena Gomez, was born on 22 July, 1992. She is known for her acting and singing. She started with a television series Barney & Friends as a child artist and later bagged a role in a series from Disney Channel. In 2008, she started a production company ned July Moon Productions and signed a contract with Hollywood Records. And she too made a band named Selena Gomez & the Scene.

In 2010, she started working on films. She tried to look more mature in her film Spring Breakers and in her album Stars Dance. This album top the Billboard Chart in US. Apart from her film and music career, she owns a clothing line in 2010 and a fragrance. She too worked with charitable trusts and at 17 she became a UNICEF ambassador. Till now, she has sell over twenty two million singles and 7 million albums worldwide. In 2016, it was reported that she is the most followed user on Instagram. She has earned numerous of nominations and awards for her work.

A lot of followers know that she is on a very firm diet now because earlier   most of her followers also suspected that her ill diet was the primary reason that she was recently hospitalised, but it was not just a mere rumour or speculation but a truth. Her strict diet took a toll on her health considering her schedule when she was at the tender age of 16.

But after going through such a health break down she realised the importance of healthy food in one’s life when you want to spend whole of your life in front of the camera. She pushed her bad habits of eating either less food or gorging on unnecessary junk, these two habits create a lot of negative gap in the process of your growth and her right approach at right time brought her back into the game of Glamour and health.

Her new strict diet that is the reason of her fitness is as follows along with the calories content assigned to each eating cycle Selena Gomez Diet And Workout Routin



Two eggs (she prefers having just white) along with bread slices only brown with a glass of vegetable juice. It’s a strict no for any indulgence on white variants. This fills for 250 calories of her day. Her Cheat breakfast brings a cheesy mushroom sandwich into the picture with juice.


It’s cooked by her mother, keeping in mind the protein content and it’s mostlyd turkey or mutton provided she is at home. During her shoot, she however orders for wholewheat pasta and a glass of juice. Lunch provides her 350 calories.

Do you know selena’s Evening snack is inspired from Angelina Jolie Workout Routine Diet Plan

At evening she takes away some time and binge on snickers,as she is crazy   for chocolates.


Her dinner is unlike other celebrities as rich as it could get with sometimes heavy content like lasagne but it’s made up of wholewheat for a  healthy twist.

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